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Telford CycleScheme Provider

Words by Kate Mayers

on 03/04/2019 20:54:28


Cycle scheme still proves a popular route to getting a new bike but still many customers think its too much faff or not worth doing or want to spend more than the £1000 limit.

Time to bust some myths and bust out a new ride. Save 32% for standard tax payers or 42% if you are a higher tax payer. Its takes about 10 for employers to get set up and all your paperwork is replaced with an online portal. Choose any type of bike you like and your e-voucher is issued as soon as your employer approves the application. Vouchers are limited to £1000 however you can spend more by topping up and paying the shop directly for the balance. More myths busted here.

We also accept Cycle to work vouchers from other providers including Halfords Cycle2work, Bike2Work, C2Work and CycleScheme