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2016 Ragley Bikes

Words by Kate Mayers

on 26/10/2015 12:21:37

Its been a while but Ragley Bikes are back, with the same fun handling hardcore hardtail approach used on the original Blue Pig, frames and complete bikes are on the way due in stock in December


Here’s the highlights from the Ragley press release:

The best way to get faster is to ride a hardtail - FACT. It teaches proper trail manners; demanding that you ride clean and smooth, reading the trail ahead, picking the best lines and carrying speed everywhere you can. As you are directly connected to the trail underneath, there is better feedback and it is more natural. It is also just more fun!

Ragley bikes are a UK based, trail focused hardtail brand. Ran by riders for riders, we design products that we love to ride and we think you will love them too!

After many, many late nights and a lot of blood, sweat and tears, it is a great pleasure to release our new 2016 Ragley range of bikes and frames. Our new range is made up of 5 models which cover a variety of styles, materials, wheel sizes and fork lengths depending on the type of rider you are and what you want to ride. Each model is available as a frame only or as a complete bike: ready for action straight out of the box. One thing that they all have in common is that they are long, low and slack which translates to a confidence inspiring ride and loads of fun out on the trails!

Geometry - Updated Ragley Trail Geometry explained:

Geometry is taken very seriously at Ragley. We believe it is the most important part of any bike’s personality. It defines the bike and ultimately dictates the way a bike will interact with you and the trail.

Our updated trail geometry has been designed long, low and slack to inspire confidence whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider.


• Better control and a more forgiving ride for beginners

• Improved stability and control to Inspire confidence for advanced riders

The main changes are:

• Longer front triangles and shorter stems:

• Give the rider more room to move around, stay in control and makes it much harder to go over the handlebars.

• It lengthens the wheelbase to increase stability at speed and over technical terrain.

• Moves rider weight forward to load the front wheel giving better traction in corners and helps to keep the front wheel on the ground when climbing steeper sections.

• Slack static head angles:

• Designed to mimic the characteristics of a modern full suspension bike with a rider on board but obviously without the sag at the rear. This is why our bikes seem slack when static. However, once the rider is on the bike, the front suspension will sag, steepening the head angle by the desired amount.