A small shop big on service, based in Lawley Village, Telford. We are proud to be a rider focused shop with some great British brands such as Saracen, Genesis, Ridgeback, Cotic and Ragley along with rider focused brands like Transition and Orbea. 

Established in 2010 by Allen & Kate, based at the foot of the Long Mynd in Church Stretton we pride ourselves on being a small shop that’s big on service. Proud to be independent we have refined our bike brand mix to represent the rider owned and rider driven cycle brands. Cycle companies that focus on creating great quality bikes that put a smile on your face avoiding the big corporations with shareholders to please. Opening in Telford in 2016 and completeing the move in 2017 offering the same service in this growing community.

Our cycling community is paramount, so we do what we can to give a little back. That’s why we are proud to play a key part in delivering the Long Mynd Batch Burner MTB challenge event since 2013. We also work in partnership with National Trust to arrange regular trail maintenance sessions and promote safe and considerate cycling on the Long Mynd. We offer regular shop MTB rides, Ladies only Breeze rides plus a Junior rippers MTB ride during School holidays. We regularly get involved with delivering cycle maintenance training for DofE and youth and School groups.

Unit 9A Birchfield WayLawley Village Telford TF3 5BZ
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    Road Bikes

    All road bikes at Plush Hill Cycles.

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    2017 Genesis Zero D Z1 Disc brake road bike http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/zero_zd1_instagram.jpg

    Fast and light with the reliable Tiagra transmission and Fulcrum Racing wheels plus confidence inspiring hydraulic disc brakes, plus thru axles, welcome to the next generation of road bikes


    2018 Madison Genesis Team Scoot XL Balance Bike http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/madison_genesis_scoot_xl_05.jpg

    Ideal for 3-6 years the Scoot XL in team replica colours is the perfect place to start any cycling career, light weight and easy to opperate

    Genesis 2018 Delta 10 MGT Road Bike Blue http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/genesis_2018_delta_10_10.jpg

    Great value and a flashy paint job with a sensible spec for a first road bike ready for multi road themed adventures 

    2017 Ridgeback Speed Open Frame http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/2017_ridgeback_speed_openframe_01.jpg

    No Description Available

    2017 Ridgeback Anteron http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/2017_ridgeback_anteron_01.jpg

    No Description Available

    2017 Ridgeback Flight 04 Bike http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/2017_ridgeback_flight4_01.jpg

    No Description Available

    2017 Ridgeback Flight 03 Bike http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/2017_ridgeback_flight3_01.jpg

    No Description Available

    2017 Ridgeback Flight 02 Bike http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/ridgeback_flight2.0-7.jpg

    No Description Available

    2017 Ridgeback Flight 01 Bike http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/2017_ridgeback_flight1_01.jpg

    No Description Available

    2017 Ridgeback E-Flight Di2 Bike http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/2017_ridgeback_eflight_di2_01.jpg

    No Description Available

    2017 Ridgeback E-Flight http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/2017_ridgeback_eflight_01.jpg

    The E Flight is the fastest way for getting around town using the STEPS motor and Alfine gear hub for reliability 

    2017 Ridgeback Tensor http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/ridgeback_tensor_13.jpg

    With a rack and mudguards, it's ideal for those rainy morning commutes. Practical and reliable. The Ridgeback Tensor is perfect for getting you from A to B.

    2017 Ridgeback Supernova http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/2017_ridgeback_supernova_01.jpg

    No Description Available

    2017 Ridgeback Element http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/2017_ridgeback_element_01.jpg

    No Description Available

    2017 Ridgeback Element Open Frame http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/2017_ridgeback_element_openframe_01.jpg No Description Available
    2017 Ridgeback Velocity Open Frame http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/2017_ridgeback_velocity_openframe_01.jpg No Description Available
    2017 Genesis Zero Disc 3 Bike http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/2017_genesis_zero_disc3_01.jpg

    Ready to race straight out of the box, the Zero Disc 3 combines faultless shifting and powerful braking via the ST-RS685 levers and Ultegra 6800 groupset.

    2017 Ridgeback Voyage http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/2017_ridgeback_voyage_01.jpg

    The Ridgeback Voyage retains its classic riding Reynolds 520 tube set for 2017, making it an ideal choice as a gateway into weekend and long distance riding.

    2017 Ridgeback Speed http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/2017_ridgeback_speed_01.jpg

    No Description Available

    2017 Ridgeback Motion Open Frame http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/2017_ridgeback_motion_openframe_01.jpg

    No Description Available

    2017 Ridgeback Avenida 6 Open Frame http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/2017_ridgeback_avenida6_01.jpg

    No Description Available

    2017 Ridgeback Vanteo Open frame http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/2017_ridgeback_vanteo_openframe_01.jpg No Description Available
    2017 Ridgeback Meteor http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/2017_ridgeback_meteor_01.jpg

    No Description Available

    2017 Genesis Zero Disc I http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/2017_genesis_zero_disci_01.jpg

    The Genesis Zero Disc I. Electronic gearing and hydraulic braking on a beautiful thorough-bred race bike. Ride faster than you ever thought possible!

    2017 Genesis Columbia Rd http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/2017_genesis_comulmbia_rd_01.jpg

    The Columbia Rd combines Mixte-inspired frame lines and a low-step through frame with the performance of modern disc brakes in a practical and stylish package.

    2017 Ridgeback Ramble http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/2017_ridgeback_ramble_11.jpg

    Traditional style but packed with modern features, the Ramble is ready to cruise the Byways and back lanes in its own unique style. Steel frame, carbon fork, Shimano transmission and TRP disc brakes creating the ideal package.

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