A small shop big on service, based in Lawley Village, Telford. We are proud to be a rider focused shop with some great British brands such as Saracen, Genesis, Ridgeback, Cotic and Ragley along with rider focused brands like Transition and Orbea. 

Established in 2010 by Allen & Kate, based at the foot of the Long Mynd in Church Stretton we pride ourselves on being a small shop that’s big on service. Proud to be independent we have refined our bike brand mix to represent the rider owned and rider driven cycle brands. Cycle companies that focus on creating great quality bikes that put a smile on your face avoiding the big corporations with shareholders to please. Opening in Telford in 2016 and completeing the move in 2017 offering the same service in this growing community.

Our cycling community is paramount, so we do what we can to give a little back. That’s why we are proud to play a key part in delivering the Long Mynd Batch Burner MTB challenge event since 2013. We also work in partnership with National Trust to arrange regular trail maintenance sessions and promote safe and considerate cycling on the Long Mynd. We offer regular shop MTB rides, Ladies only Breeze rides plus a Junior rippers MTB ride during School holidays. We regularly get involved with delivering cycle maintenance training for DofE and youth and School groups.

Unit 9A Birchfield WayLawley Village Telford TF3 5BZ
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    Garmin Edge 820 Explore head unit http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/mad/gm3820.jpg

    Edge 820 GPS Enabled Computer Explore - Unit Only. Packed full of features plus colour maps, this compact unit is your perfect ride companion 

    Transition Bikes Purist Water Bottle Part In The Woods BLUE http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/tr_pnwbottle12018.png

    All your friends will know how cool you are with this in your cage. Be prepared to Party In The Woods with the 26oz TR Blue Purist bottle 

    Elite Direto Trainer OTS 2 Smart Home Trainer http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/mad/tt71003.jpg

    Direto Direct Drive FE-C, B+ Mag Smart Trainer With OTS Power Meter avalible to demo in store and offered with free local set up

    Exposure Joystick Mk13 with helmet and Bar mounts Black http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/exposure_joystick_headlight.jpg

    No Description Available

    Exposure Toro Mk10 with 35/31.8mm QR Bracket MTB light http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/toro10.jpg

    No Description Available

    Vista 1 LED front 5 LED rear Light Set http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/MAD/ehf114.jpg Lighting Twinpack, Vista 1 Front With Vista 5 LED Rear, Batteries Included
    Rear Light Infini Mini-Lava USB Black/Red http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/MAD/ehf033.jpg Mini-Lava Super Bright Micro USB Rear Light, Black With Red Lens
    Rear light Apollo dynamo 6V http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/MAD/EHF403.jpg Apollo Rear Carrier Light, Dynamo With 4 Minute Standlight
    Lightset Infini Super Lava And Sword Black http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/mad/ehf017.jpg

    Lighting Twin Pack, Super Lava 300 And Sword Super Bright 30 COB Rear Light

    Lightset Infini Mini-Lava USB Black uni-size http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/MAD/ehf034.jpg Mini-Lava Twin Pack Micro USB Front And Rear Lights Black
    Front Light Infini Lava 500 Black http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/MAD/ehf012.jpg Lava 500 USB Front Light
    Front light Super Lava 300 black http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/MAD/ehf011.jpg Super Lava 300 Lumen USB Front Light With Bar And Helmet Brackets
    Front light Helio dynamo 6V http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/MAD/ehf400.jpg Helio Dynamo Halogen Headlight 6V/2. 4W
    Dual purpose cycle light Aria http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/MAD/ehf106.jpg Aria 2 Red And 1 White LED Light, With Batteries And Bracket
    Finish Line Grease Gun http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/MAD/QPGG101.jpg Grease Gun
    Finish Line Bike Cleaning Brush set http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/MAD/qp311107.jpg Brush Set, 5 Different Brushes
    Transition Bikes 2018 Purist Water Bottle Trees Grey http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/transition_purist_water_bottle_trees_2018_grey.jpg

    Stay hydrated in style with this Transition Bikes water bottle made by Purist for that plastic free taste with fir tee print for blending in up the woods. 

    Bison MTB load Strap, Enduro Race Strap http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/bison_mtb_strap_01.jpg

    No Description Available

    USWE Airborne 15 Hydration Pack - Blue http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/usweab153.jpg

    AIRBORNE 15 makes sure you can bring all of the gear and hydration you need while providing a high-performance fit. Encompassing 15L of space with 2.5L of water.

    USWE Accessory Hydration Chest Pocket http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/usweacc11.jpg

    Own an USWE race suspension harness bag, but need a little more water? The Hydration Chest Pocket solves this issue by attaching an Ultraflask to your shoulder strap.

    USWE 1.5L Disposable Bladder With Hose http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/usweblad15.jpg

    Tired of cleaning your hydration bladder? With the 1.5L Disposble Bladder from USWE you'll avoid this, safe in the knowledge your bladder will always be fresh and clean

    USWE Explorer 26 Hydration Pack - Raven Black http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/usweex261.jpg

    The Heavy Duty chassis of the USWE Explorer 26 offers plenty of cargo capacity for all your gear, without getting in the way on your epic all day adventure

    USWE Explorer 26 Hydration Pack - Mud Green http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/usweex262.jpg

    The Heavy Duty chassis of the USWE Explorer 26 Mud Green offers plenty of cargo capacity for all your gear, without getting in the way on your epic all day adventure

    USWE Prime 26 Commuter Hydration Pack - Rock Grey http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/uswepr261.jpg

    Commute in style and maximum comfort with the Prime 26 Hydration Pack. Using USWE’s heavy duty strap system even the heaviest of loads wont shift around on your back.

    USWE Vertical 10 Hydration Pack - Carbon Black http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/uswevt101.jpg

    The Vertical 10 Black running pack has a 1.5L bladder, high-ventilated mesh NDM harness for optimal ventilation, pole attachment system and quick stash pockets.

    USWE Vertical 10 Hydration Pack - Crazy Yellow http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/uswevt102.jpg

    The Vertical 10 running pack has a 1.5L bladder, high-ventilated mesh NDM harness for optimal ventilation, pole attachment system and quick stash pockets.

    USWE Zulo 2 Hydration Belt - Carbon Grey http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/uswezl21.jpg

    Carry essential spares and up to 1.0 litre of water for your next adventure while keeping your back fully ventilated with the USWE Zulo Hydration Belt.

    USWE Replacement Disposable Bladder 5-Pack http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/usweblad17.jpg

    5-pack refill bladder kit for your Disposable hydration system that's 100% taste-free and BPA-free. It's fast and hygienic. Just replace the used bladder and go

    Truflo Micro 3 Mini Pump http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/qa4101.jpg

    Great value, reliable pump, mount it on your bike or stick it in your pack. User friendly with fold out handle for trailside repairs to get you rolling again

    Truflo Road CNC High Pressure Mini Pump http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/qa4102.jpg

    Beautifully crafted, high quality, high pressure pump to get your road rubber back up to pressure at the side of the road. Small enough for your jersey pocket or fix it to your bottle bosses

    Truflo Road CNC High Pressure flex pump http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/qa4200.jpg

    Premium cnc'd Road bike pump with pull out flexi head to make inflation easier. Bolt it to your bike until you need it

    Truflo Single Shot Shock Pump for Suspension Shocks and forks http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/qa4500.jpg

    Get you sag set with this quality shock pump. With both high and low pressure gauges for accurate readings to keep 

    Truflo Maxtrax 3 Track Pump http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/qa4401.jpg

    A workshop favourite, tough and durable with a raised gauge, smart head and long hose so you don't need to drop your bike from the workstand to inflate your tyres

    Garmin Edge 1030 GPS Cycling Computer Performance Bundle http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/gm11300.jpg

    The most advanced cycling GPS computer yet, ready to beat yeasterday with the performance bundle including Heart rate monitor and Cadence sensor 

    Garmin Edge 1030 GPS Cycling Computer Head Unit http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/gm11300.jpg

    The most advanced cycling GPS computer yet, ready to beat yesterday and your mates, packed with features ready to connect your ride. Offered with a two year warranty

    Elite Qubo Power Mag B+ Trainer http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/elite_qubo_pwr_mag_bplustrainer.jpg

    This Magnetic Drive Trainer has a wireless sensor and 8 levels of resistance and is controlled from the handlebar mounted trigger adjuster. 

    Elite Qubo Digital B+ Smart Turbo Trainer http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/elite_qubo_digital_smartbplus_trainer.jpg

    This affordable smart digiatl trainer features a wirelessly controlled 16-level resistance unit and a wider footprint with adjustable feet for better stability

    Karcher OC3 Portable Cleaner http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/karcher_portable_12.jpg

    A simple and lightweight solution for cleaning on the go.  A battery powered portable cleaner  that's perfect for rinsing off bikes and gear at the end of a muddy ride.

    Outdoor Tech Tuis Headphones Black http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/outdoor_tech_tuis_headphones_black_04.jpg

    Tuis are a real classy wireless headphones. Loaded with features like a 3.5mm AUX jack, integrated hinges for easy folding and Bluetooth 4.0

    Outdoor Tech Los Cabox Wireless Headphone Grey http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/outdoor_tech_loscabos_headphones_grey_09.jpg

    Both for a rowdy and quiet time, the Los Cabos wireless headphones are your getaway to temporary paradise and bliss

    Outdoor Tech Los Cabox Headphones Red http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/outdoor_tech_loscabos_headphones_red_02.jpg
    Ready for a rowdy and quiet time, the Los Cabos wireless headphones are your getaway to temporary paradise and bliss. Connect and enjoy the tunes
    Outdoor Tech Buckshot Pro Glow in the Dark Speaker http://www.plushhillcycles.co.uk//images/outdoor_tech_buckshot_pro_green_09.jpg

    Rugged waterproof powerbank with speaker and torch attachment, ideal for finding, charging and connecting to your MP3 player or mobile device

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