Transition Bikes

Rider owned for life.  Use discount code #giddyup for free postage on all small parts

For well over a decade a small team at Transition bikes have been having fun with customers and creating bikes that make you want to get out and ride. You'll see that in every bike they make and the attention to detail taken in everything they do. The team at Transition love to have fun but are serious about making some of the best bikes in the world designed to put a smile on your face. 

We love Transition because they have their priorities in order. Its all about having fun on bikes. No nonsense industry acronyms, no promising the lightest, fastest, cheapest bikes but great value, durable, great handling bikes. A small company that lets their bikes and service do the talking just like us. For 2018 Transition launch their Giddy Up 2.0 Speed Balanced Geometry bringing more confidence, more control and more party.

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